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St. Louis Bosnians

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Doing just fine

How Muslim refugees from Bosnia transformed a corner of the Midwest “AMERICA has always been conflicted about immigration,” says Anna Crosslin, head of the International Institute of St Louis, which sponsors refugees and helps them after they arrive. In the [...]

December 16, 2015 News

CAS Colloquium: Hume explains Bosnian migration to south St. Louis

St. Louis has the largest Bosnian population outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina, according to geography professor Susan Hume. [...]

April 14, 2014 Bosnians in St. Louis, News

Al-Jazeera Balkans Video Report on Bosnians in St. Louis

Ivica Puljic from Al-Jazeera Balkans reports on Bosnians in St. Louis. [...]

November 25, 2013 News, Video

Bosnian National Soccer Team Brings Community Together In St. Louis

Take a leisurely Sunday afternoon walk through Jefferson Barracks Park in south St. Louis County and you’re likely to happen across a pickup soccer game. [...]

November 22, 2013 Bosnians in St. Louis, News

For 70,000 St. Louisans, Messi is not the big draw at Busch on Nov. 18

Lionel Messi is recognized as the best soccer player in the world. But his coming to St. Louis to play for Argentina in an international friendly Nov. 18 is of secondary importance to tens of thousands of local soccer fans.  [...]

October 3, 2013 Articles, Bosnians in St. Louis, News

Commentary: Help Bosnians defend themselves

Recently I escaped to St. Louis from Sarajevo with my daughter, Aida. Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina, which was recognized one year ago by almost all countries of the world. The United States was the first country to provide [...]

June 18, 2013 Articles, Bosnians in St. Louis

Back to Bosnia

Ten years ago, thousands of Muslims were massacred at Srebrenica. In the coming days, several hundred Bosnians who have settled here plan to return to remember the dead and reconnect with their past. [...]

June 18, 2013 Articles, Bosnians in St. Louis

Finding their St. Louis niche

They come to St. Louis bearing the scars of war, many of them not speaking English. [...]

June 18, 2013 Articles, Bosnians in St. Louis

Missouri Baptist Convention Reaches Many Nations with New St. Louis Congregation

St. Louis has become an extremely diverse city in many ways, but especially considering the thousands of refugees that arrive in St. Louis each year. There are more Bosnians per capita in St. Louis than anywhere else in the world [...]

June 13, 2013 Articles, Bosnians in St. Louis, News

Niagara Foundation honors ‘international dialogue and peace heroes’

Last Thursday, the Niagara Foundation celebrated what Executive Director Ali Durhan called “international dialogue and peace heroes,” but it was more than a feel-good awards event. It was also a spirited affirmation of the positive role that immigrants play in [...]

April 24, 2013 Bosnians in St. Louis, News