Monday, January 22, 2018
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Stories from Before – Fehima Kurtic

Today we are sharing with you a story from the book called “Stories from Before – The New Voices of Immigrants in St. Louis“. Book itself is a collection of more than 40 stories, that recount tales both dramatic and mundane of immigrants now living in St. Louis. One of the two stories featured in the book are written or told by the Bosnian immigrants attending English language classes at the International Institute

Fehima Kurtic

Fehima Kurtic in 2003

My name is Fehima Kurtic. I was born in Bosnia on April 24, 1960, along with my twin brother. Unfortunately he died when he was six months old. I was raised with two older sisters and one younger brother. Also, in Bosnia I finished high school. After high school I worked as a dressmaker for a company.

My husband, two children and I came to the United States late in December, 1998, because of the horrible war in my country. Here in St. Louis, I was employed by Alco for five years and worked as an assembler.

Now I am studying English at the International Institute in St. Louis. I am satisfied. I have a good life with my husband and two children.

Red Dog

Although there were many interesting things that happened in my childhood, one which I will always remember is the story about my red dog.

I had many good friends in my neighborhood. I also had a white puppy. My puppy was very cute and interesting. My friends and I loved to play with him. One day my friends and I got into a fight. They said a lot of bad things about me and about my puppy. They said that my dog looked ugly because white is not pretty for a dog.

When my parents went to work that day, I found red paint in my basement, and I poured it all over my dog! When my parents came home, they started laughing. They told all my family about my crazy idea. Event today, thirty-five years later, when we remember what I did, we all laugh as if it just happened.

Fehima Kurtic, Bosnia
International Institute

Book Stories from Before – The New Voices of Immigrants in St. Louis can be purchased through Amazon, or in the Missouri History Museum giftshop.


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