Tuesday, March 20, 2018
St. Louis Bosnians


Association of Survivors of the Srebrenica Genocide
7630 Delmont Avenue, Saint Louis MO 63123
BH Loyals

BH Loyals,osnovana 2014 godine u St. Louisu.Grupa patriota koji kroz, navijanje, druženje i rekreativno zabavne projekte želi podržati BiH reprezentaciju.

9202 Lemona Drive
Bosnian American Professional Network

Bosnian-American Professional Network - We are an organization of Bosnian Professionals in St. Louis, MO

5470 Gravois Avenue
Web Address:
Bosnian Chamber of Commerce
To promote and maintain a prosperous business environment for the Bosnian community of St. Louis; to develop and provide an attractive atmosphere for the Bosnian business community, and other businesses that help and assist the Bosnian community; and to encourage a fraternal spirit for our membership.
5039 Gravois Rd, Saint Louis, Missouri 63116
Bosnian Islamic Center St. Louis
Bosnian Islamic Center - Religious 501c3 organization.
318 Lemay Ferry Road, Saint Louis MO 63125
(314) 631-7746
10210 mullally dr saint louis MO 63129
KUD Djerdan

Bosnian traditional dance performance group.

172 Sappington Acres, Saint Louis MO 63126
N.K. Bosna I Hercegovina St. Louis

Soccer Club

5404 Gravois Avenue, Saint Louis MO 63116
Ruka Nade

We're a non-profit organization seeking to enhance the lives of individuals in the USA and abroad who are affected by both relative and absolute poverty. We aim to give immediate and permanent solutions for those who need a helping hand.

PO BOX 252089, St. Louis MO
(314) 665-0675
St. Louis Bosnians, Inc.


St. Louis Bosnians, Inc. is a Missouri 501(c)(3), IRS tax exempt nonprofit organization, dedicated to working with, and on behalf of the Bosnian community in an effort to foster better understanding and development of Bosnians in St. Louis, state of Missouri, and United States.


We believe in integration of our community. We advocate on behalf of the Bosnian community, we educate young and old, we provide targeted relief to those in need, and we share our culture with the world.


We advocate on behalf of Bosnian community with city, state, and federal government officials, and community stake holders. We organize our community on different issues, and nonpartisan voter engagement.


From lectures, presentations, seminars, workshops, to student exchange, and scholarship programs we offer comprehensive educational opportunities for young and old.


Our organization performs short term relief efforts through targeted programs and projects, as well as long term solutions to the root causes of the social problems in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and our St. Louis community.


St. Louis Bosnians, Inc. foster understanding between Bosnian and other communities in St. Louis through cultural understanding in the form of art, music, history, and food.


Advocate on behalf of Bosnian community through educational, cultural, and relief programs in an effort to foster better understanding of Bosnian community and other communities.