Monday, January 22, 2018
St. Louis Bosnians

“News with Friends” on air starting this upcoming Sunday

“Dnevnik sa Rajom”, literal translation “News with Friends” is a Bosnian news broadcast directed by Mensur Hatic and edited by Irhad Sehovic, will air every Sunday at 6pm-7pm CST starting on April 7th. The show will air through MIM, channel 19 on the Bosna TV network. You will be able to access each episode through the MIM Televizija youtube channel.
The show will consist of events that occurred the week leading to the show. Amila Topalovic will focus on the local news and entertainment. Lejla Kadric will focus on global events and politics, and Dino Fajic will bring the latest in sports. The three hosts are three friends from various parts of Bosnia, who migrated to Saint Louis with their families in the late 90’s. The show will focus on reaching a broad audience by discussing a variety of topics, while keeping the setting casual and open for discussion and questions from the audience. “We want our audience to be able to relate to us, and therefore we are open to ideas and are seeking interaction from our viewers”-Lejla. Facebook page “Dnevnik sa Rajom”, within the first day, got over a hundred likes. “We have great support from our local community and are excited to reach out to a broader audience”-TheTeam.

Facebook: Dnevnik Sa Rajom


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