Monday, January 22, 2018
St. Louis Bosnians

Missouri House of Representatives Passed Resolution on the Genocide in Srebrenica and Prijedor

After coordinated efforts of Bosniak Associations, Missouri House of Representatives has unanimously adopted a resolution on the genocide in Prijedor and Srebrenica. Bosniak Associations would like to extend special thanks to the State Representative Vicky Englundun and senator Scott Sifton who were the main sponsors of this immensely important resolution.

The main significance of this resolution lays in the fact that for the first time one resolution is naming genocide in Prijedor along side of Srebrenica genocide. Resolution on Genocide in Prijedor and Sreberenici is very significant because it was made at the time when the smaller entity organized implementation of the final stage of genocide that was committed twenty years ago. After years of crime denial, government of the smaller Bosnian entity of RS began systematical process of prohibiting Bosniaks from marking the places where the most heinous crimes against humanity were committed.

Congress of North American Bosniaks 2000 as the originator and author of the resolution expresses great satisfaction that the Missouri House of Representatives adopted resolution on the genocide in Srebrenica and Prijedor. At the same time KBSA 2000 extends its thanks to all Bosniaks and Bosniak Associations including: Association of Srebrenica Genocide Survivors St. Louis, Association of Citizens from Prijedor Municipality in St. Louis, members of coordinating body of KBSA 2000 St. Louis, and the rest of those who contributed to the adaptation of this resolution.



SOURCE: Dnevni Avaz

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