Monday, February 19, 2018
St. Louis Bosnians

Holdup Murder May Push More Bosnians to Leave St. Louis

This week’s murder of a Bosnian store clerk could hasten the exodus of Bosnians from south city to south county — so says the publisher of a widely read Bosnian newspaper.

“It seems to me that people will start to move and leave this town because of this shooting,” said Sukrija Dzidzovic, the founder and publisher of Sabah.

The funeral of 19-year old Haris Gogic drew about three-thousand people. He was shot and killed May 31 during a robbery at his family’s Quick Shop at the corner of Chippewa and Alfred.

Dzidzovic says since the killing he’s heard from members of the Bosnian community talking of pulling up stakes and leaving the city. He, too, admits he no longer feels safe in his office on Gravois near the Bevo Mill since the shooting.

“I never used to lock the door here on Gravois,” Dzidzovic said, “but I gave orders to my employees and family to lock the door every day. So, that is first signal that we don’t feel safe.”

The Bosnian paper Sabah is read by Bosnians around the world. Before the shooting, Dzidzovic says he was preparing to write articles encouraging more Bosnians to move to St. Louis.

“I’m afraid to write such a thing after the shooting because it’s not so easy to hide such a thing,” Dzidzovic said.

Dzidzovic says there are currently some 30,000 Bosnians living in south St. Louis, with another 30,000 living in south St. Louis county. Even before the shooting, he says about a hundred Bosnian families a year were quitting the city to move to the county.

Victim’s family upset with justice system

Mirza Gogic recovering after being shot in the arm by gunman who killed his brother Haris in store holdup.

Meanwhile, the 23-year old brother of the murdered clerk — Mirza Gogic — says he can’t

understand why the alleged gunman got so many second chances leading up to the murder.

Suspect Joseph Fox was supposed to be in prison at the time of the murder, serving a seven year sentence for unlawful possession of a firearm. But instead he was released on parole after having served just two-years-and-two-months of the seven year sentence. Fox had caught a series of breaks going back to 2007, having been arrested for a total of three felonies before the killing — either getting probation or short prison sentences with more probation.

“That’s why my goal was to get him behind bars as soon as possible,” Gogic said, “because I don’t want another family to be going through the same thing I’m going through.”

Gogic identified Fox in a police lineup and he’s now being held without bail — charged with murder, assault, robbery, burglary and three counts of armed criminal action.

Recovering from a bullet wound to the arm, Gogic says he and his family plan to move somewhere else to get away from the home attached to the store where his brother was killed.

“My mother still hasn’t been able to go into that room,” Gogic said, “We have to start over.”


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