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Family of Haris Gogic is Thanking to All Good People

A tall man with a microphone in hand, stood in front of the locked door to our newsroom. He introduced himself as Kevin Killeen, reporter for local radio station KMOX, and stressed that he came to talk about the recent murder of Haris Gogić. He was not surprised to find the locked door, which was something that I said immediately his microphone: Up until now we have not locked in the office, but after this, I ordered their employees and family to do it all the time. That statement was released, as well as a my opinion that after this heinous murder people seriously consider leaving Bevo Mill neighborhood, where every day it is less safer to live.

major Slay

major Slay

The next day came the phone call from mayor Francis G. Slay in regards to the murder, who wanted to use our newspaper to reach out to family of the deceased Haris Gogić and then our community. On that occasion he said “I use this opportunity to express my concolences over the tragic death of their son and brother Haris primarily to members of the family Gogić. My office and I as mayor, in this moment want to share the pain that you feel right now.” Speaking further on the measures they have taken to apprehend Joseph Fox the suspect for the murder, mayor Slay stated that arrest came relatively quickly even though suspect is not a resident of St. Louis City, adding that he came from afar the City to commit murder during  attempted robbery. We will do everything we can through judicial officers that he gets maximum penalty, and ask you as the editor of the BH newspaper, and one of the community leaders  in St. Louis, to gather your representatives in the community and that in presence of  police chief  and me as Mayor, so we can talk about strengthening security in the part of town where Bosnians live. We will do everything that is in our power to increase level of security to the highest possible level and in that way to contribute to the greater decline of crime, which, in truth, in St. Louis in steady decline – said Mayor Slay at the end of our conversation.

Largest Funeral in St. Louis

Large cemetery of the Bosnian Islamic center, including a huge area around the cemetery, was not enough to hold around 3,000 people who wanted this Tuesday to come to funeral and that with their presence sharing grief of Gogić Family. In the presence of Imam Muhamed Hasic and Imam Ahmed Serdarević, Imam Enver Kunić led the funeral procession who during his address said:” Allah determined to take our Haris who was supposed to be awakened at 11:30 on Friday morning to get ready for Jummah prayer. The will of Allah was that he has not completed Jummah prayer, but he has completed greater duty , because he completed martyrdom, because after all he is a martyr, because whoever protects his family and his possessions and in this way he is killed – that person is martyr –  stressed Imam Kunić begging then Allah to give Jannat to Haris Gogić.

Haris Gogic Funeral

Haris Gogic Funeral

Two days later, I knock on the door of the family Gogić with a deep desire to my visit will ease the pain that one can hear as I pass next to dozens of bouquets of flowers left at the front door. I read the labels on the balloons “I’m Sorry”  and “I Thinking of You” that were left by Haris’ friends. A women opened the door for me, and with lowered gaze asked me to come in. Words are unnecessary as I am sitting across father Bahrudin and mother Amela whose heart bleeds. To my right, with the right hand, through which passed the bullet is still shrouded, is sitting brother Mirza. The silence is interrupted once again by someone knocking on the door, and African – American who is looking for something. One of those present woman gives him a bag adding a soda to it.

– The homeless, the children used to give them food and still come to the door – explains this surprise visit mother Amela.

– My kids never looked who is black or who is white. Nor who is this or that nationality. They had a lot of friends all kinds of colors and races. And look what happened to us. I would not want even my biggest enemy to pass through this through what I’m going through – adds grieving father Bahrudin.

Gogic convenience store

Gogic convenience store

We’re talking about the funeral, the largest in the bosnian community in St. Louis. Many came and helped, and assisted at this difficult time. Father Bahrudin Gogić at the beginning said that he wanted to thank everyone, but is afraid that he will miss someone, that someone will not be mentioned, and  in advance and asks everyone for forgivness. Yet, he says “Thank you good people” and adds:

It is not easy or simple to be in this situation we found ourselves in, but we need to continue to live. As for the people that organized all of this after the death of our son, I do not know how to thank them. I know that everything is done properly from the tragic moment until the funeral. All three Jamaat were there for us, so I first thank the Imam Kunić , Imam Hasić and Imam Ahmed as they eased our pain in this world and in our late Haris prayers on other world. They helped me in these difficult moments to have patience that I need it most. – said the father of our list Bahrudin Gogić adding that he wants to especially thank Sejfo Alihodžić and his wife Senada, as well as his cousin Ibrahim Gogić and his wife Salveta. He then points out the selfless assistance of Enver Subasic and Emir Kadic towards him at this time when he needed it most, and he will never forget that. Once again I apologize to those whom I have not remembered at this moment because I am still in shock. Many thanks to them and may beloved Allah give all the best to them and their families and the entire world that helped and was with me when it was the hardest. And my only wish is that no one experiences same thing I experienced, not even my enemy. – said at the end Bahrudin Gogić.

At the end of our visit Bahrudin wishes to express gratitude to those who have traveled a long way to find him at hand to help ease the pain.

– My brother in law Fikret Kuduzović and his wife, from my wife’s sister Fahra came from England. Fadil Alihodžić and my daughter in law Hurija Alihodžić also came. They were supposed to go on vacation to Bosnia, but the fate wanted that instead to Bosnia they come here unfortunately. – points out Bahrudin not missing the opportunity to thank the members of the family and friends who traveled from Pennsylvania, Colorado, Kentucky, Iowa …. – They came from almost all parts of America, and they all say “ We regret that we come here because of this” … but …

Mirza, wounded brother of late Haris says that his sympathy expressed by many Facebook from around the world.

– My thanks go to them and to all friends that came to us. I am especially grateful to my friend Emir who was with me from the first moment until now. – Mirza points out. I’d like to thank a lot to the people who came up and I thank my friend Emir who was with me since the beginning. – said Mirza.

At the end of this contribution should be noted that fundraising for the family Gogić was organizedin several places in St. Louis during the last weekend.

SOURCE: SABAH Bosnian-American Newspapers

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