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Corner Bistro: a slice of heaven in Princeton Heights

While Corner Bistro has some of the most devoted regulars around, chances are you haven’t heard of the unassuming restaurant located at the corner of Macklind and Loughborough in the city’s Princeton Heights neighborhood. Flying under the critics’ radar for the last three years since it opened, it was voted as having the best pizza in Missouri last September, according to Buzzfeed. How? Thanks to positive Yelp reviews and owner Fahima Husic.

The patio…in February

Husic and her husband Mirhet own the restaurant’s building, which includes an upstairs apartment and Weber’s Bar, a separately run operation. When the previous tenant in the restaurant space—Billy Goat Chip Company—grew too big, Fahima decided to open her own place. At the time, she was a server at The Olive Garden in Chesterfield and had just gone through a year-long management training program.

SOURCE: St. Louis Magazine

Prior to opening the restaurant, all of Husic’s culinary experience came from cooking at home, first in Bosnia as the oldest of five children, and then in St. Louis after immigrating in 1996. Despite her background, you won’t find any Bosnian food on the menu. When asked why, Husic explained that there were already several popular Bosnian restaurants in St. Louis, and she decided to appeal to an American population. Irma Kulovic, Husic’s daughter, who’s in charge of the social marketing for the restaurant and helps out on the weekends, said, “As tough as it was to get people in the door that first year, I can only imagine what it would have been like with Bosnian food.”

A DIY combination pizza at Corner Bistro.

The pizza may not be Bosnian, but the handwork required to make the dough traces its roots back to Husic’s preparation of traditional Bosnian pita dishes. Husic claimed that the dough is the main reason the pizza’s so popular.

Pizza, burgers, and lasagna remain the most popular items on the menu. On a recent busy Friday night, they sold 51 pizzas, most of which were carry out. It’s just Husic right now and one other cook in the back and her son Armin waiting tables with Irma helping on the weekends. If customers had their way, Husic would only be out front . . . as long as whoever was in the kitchen was replicating her food exactly. With her genuine warmth, attention to detail, and high standards, Husic embodies the ideal restaurant owner. Customers ask for her when she’s in the kitchen, and regulars know everything about her children’s lives. When Armin recently graduated from college, for example, a few regulars brought gifts. “Some of them come here just to see her,” Irma said.

For the undecided: half Graham Cracker Cake, half Banana Cream Cake

A visit to Corner Bistro requires dessert, specifically a slice of one of Husic’s signature cakes. The chocolate cream cake is a customer favorite. The graham cracker cake is so addictive, it should be a controlled substance. Husic also makes banana cream cake and attributes that cakes’ popularity to cutting out nearly half of the sugar in the tradition of European patisserie. The cakes are also sold as half and full sheets for special occasions.

Ham and cheese panini with roasted red peppers and bacon on grilled ciabatta

Corner Bistro

4993 Loughborough, St Louis, Missouri 63109

(314) 353-1811


Mon-Sat: 3 p.m. – 10 p.m.


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