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St. Louis Hosted a Conference of the Bosniak Imams in North America

The Islamic Community of North American Bosniaks (ICNAB) organized the 4th Professional seminar for Imams and members of congregations on February 23, 2013 at Fontbonne University in St. Louis.

The seminar had two defining characteristics that made it unique. First, the participants in the seminar this time were not only the Imams from Bosniak mosques across North America, but instead the seminar also included regular people who attend the congregations—leaders and members of the main ICNAB body. Second, the seminar was to a large extending a webinar, with a guest lecturer Dr. Amir ef. Karic, the head of religious/educational department for the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, lecturing via Skype from his apartment in Tuzla for four hours.

IMAMI 1A seminar organized in such a manner is the first of its kind by the Islamic Community of North American Bosniaks, and perhaps the first for the Islamic Community in Bosnia as well. Dr. Karic presented on three topics: Imam: Between Calling and Profession, Oratory speech, and lastly The Prospect of the Development of the Islamic Community of Bosniaks. Participants in the seminar/webinar were a total of about 30 Bosniak Imams from the U.S. and Canada and twenty members of different congregations. They all actively took a part in the discussion and had their questions answered in the process of this interactive seminar.

The overall impression after the lectures was very positive, and the participants left feeling optimistic. In the end, the prevailing opinion was that these kinds of seminars and workshops should continue to be organized. The fourth and the final theme of the conference was titled:“ The Role of the Jamaat in the Construction of the Islamic Community.”  The panelists were members of the Board of Directors of the Islamic Community of North American Bosniaks.


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