Monday, January 22, 2018
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Missouri Botanical Garden scientist eats with Bosnians to learn how urban life affects cuisine

On a recent Saturday, four middle-aged Bosnian women bustled in a warmly lit kitchen at Fontbonne University. Bags of flour and sugar, metal mixing bowls and trays of flaky pastries filled, called pitas, were spread across an island. The air smelled strongly of bread, butter and cheese. [...]

December 11, 2017 stlbosnians News 0

Former military commander Mladic’s genocide verdict hits home in St. Louis’ Bosnian community

The guilty verdict on Wednesday of genocide and other war crimes against Ratko Mladic is reverberating throughout the world and particularly, within the Bosnian community in St. Louis. [...]

November 22, 2017 stlbosnians News 0

J’s Pitaria Offers Bosnian Classics, Made with Skill

In 1989, Zamir Jahic occupied the top floor of a building on the corner of Gravois and Morganford, a new kid in town from Bosnia via Norway. Like many Bosnians who moved to St. Louis at that time, fleeing the war that divided the former Yugoslavia, Jahic created a life [...]

November 22, 2017 stlbosnians News 0

Amid recall effort, St. Louis County councilman accused of anti-Muslim views; he calls them lies

For some, politics doesn’t end at the grave. An effort to oust St. Louis County Councilman Ernie Trakas has taken a pointed turn, with a former aide accusing him of being anti-Muslim and unfairly targeting a Bosnian cemetery. [...]

October 6, 2017 stlbosnians News 0

His father is a Washington University janitor. Now, this Bosnian refugee will study there.

There’s still a picture that floats around the house of Meris Saric as a toddler wearing an adult-size Washington University sweatshirt that he got from his dad. [...]

August 24, 2017 stlbosnians News 0

Small Bites: Balkan Treat Box is your new food-truck obsession

A food truck with a wood-fired oven doesn’t guarantee a quality meal, but it will always pique my curiosity. If you’re willing to install an actual hearth in a rolling metal box and stand beside it during a St. Louis summer, you must be serious about your cooking. [...]

August 22, 2017 stlbosnians News 0

Lemmons by Grbic Is a New South City Classic

Growing up in St. Louis, the Grbic siblings — Senada, Erna and Ermin — were spoiled by home-cooked Bosnian cuisine, lovingly prepared by their mother. It wasn’t that she just knew how to cook well; every Saturday morning, she would rise at 4 a.m. to begin preparing a feast that [...]

July 26, 2017 stlbosnians News 0

How Loryn Nalic Fell in Love with Bosnian Food — and Founded Balkan Treat Box

Loryn Nalic, chef and owner of Balkan Treat Box (314-667-9926;, thanks her lucky stars that she learned how to cook at such a young age — it got her out of trouble with her parents.  [...]

July 26, 2017 stlbosnians News 0

The Bevo Question – What will happen to St. Louis’ Little Bosnia when it’s not so Bosnian?

Tony Zanti walks up the sidewalk along the newly laid blacktop of Gravois Avenue as drivers zip past a string of revamped buildings on the north edge of Bevo Mill. [...]

July 5, 2017 stlbosnians News 0

While fasting for Ramadan, Muslim St. Louisans prepare food at local homeless shelter

Because Islam puts a special focus on charity during the holy month of Ramadan, many Muslims St. Louisans are taking extra time to serve others. [...]

June 19, 2017 stlbosnians News 0