Tuesday, March 20, 2018
St. Louis Bosnians

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Artist uses Spray Paint to create St. Louis’ History

St. Louis is known for its rich history and its Italian food. Soon people will have a place to enjoy both. A place where you may be looking up, instead of looking at your plate. [...]

May 21, 2017 Video

Verdict of Bosnian Serb warlord hits home in St. Louis


March 25, 2016 Video

Bosnian Serb warlord sentenced to 40 years


March 24, 2016 Video

St. Louis’ “Little Bosnia” Saved By Mostly Muslim Refugees


December 9, 2015 Video

New study aims to decrease cardio vascular disease in Bosnian community

St. Louis is home to the largest Bosnian community in the U.S. [...]

August 13, 2015 News, Video

St. Louis Bosnians walk to remember Srebrenica genocide

20 years after thousands of Bosnians were killed in an act of genocide, St. Louis’s Bosnian community still remembers the tragedy. [...]

July 11, 2015 Video

Will Bevo residents have to foot the bill for a police substation to open?

After a rash of violent crimes in the South St. Louis neighborhood of Bevo, residents called on police to open a substation and increase patrols, but the substation has monetary hurdles to cross before it can open. In February, officials [...]

April 25, 2015 Bosnians in St. Louis, News, Video

The Pulse of St. Louis: A closer look at the Islamic State

President Obama asked Congress for authority to declare war again on Islamic State Wednesday, triggering a wave of reaction from members of the Bosnian community in the St. Louis area. More than 70,000 Bosnians live here, the largest population outside [...]

February 15, 2015 Video

Is the accordion making a comeback in St. Louis?

Edin Sadikovic is an accordion player, teacher, and restorer. He specializes in a genre called Sevedah, traditional to his native Bosnia and Herzegovina. [...]

January 10, 2015 Bosnians in St. Louis, Video

Traditional Bosnian folk music with Edo Sadikovic

When Edo Sadikovic straps on his accordion, audiences fall silent. Then, it is time to sing and dance. He specializes in a genre called Sevedah, traditional to his native Bosnia. Fans can recognize the slow and passionate melodies. [...]

December 26, 2014 Bosnians in St. Louis, Stories, Video