Sunday, December 17, 2017
St. Louis Bosnians


Bolero Cafe
4718 Gravois Avenue St. Louis, MO 63116
(314) 353-3620
Bravo Hookah Bar and Lounge
5825 Eichelberger St Louis, MO 63109
Cafe Bar Skala
5051 Gravois Avenue, Saint Louis, MO 63116-2342
(314) 600-0491
Cafe Milano
5045 Gravois Ave Saint Louis, MO 63116
Cafe/Restaurant Korzo
Appropriately enough, Korzo, which literally translates to “gathering place” in its native Bosnian tongue, has become just that for the hundreds of zealous patrons who swear by its authentic Bosnian fare and relaxed atmosphere.

So, if you’ve had your fill of drive thru windows and cookie cutter menus, swing by Cafe Korzo, kick back and get ready to savor every bite.

In 1999, St. Louis got its first taste of the European take on that growing American staple, the coffee house. Cafe Korzo – the first Bosnian cafe in St. Louis – found that it’s emphasis on precision and quality over speed and efficiency quickly made it a cult favorite of South City denizens.

And now, new owner and head chef, Nermin is taking that same old world approach to an expanded menu. As a third generation Bosnian chef, Nermin has lived and breathed authentic Bosnian fare his entire life. And he pours that passion into every delicacy he creates. From chevapi to crepes, Cafe Korzo has it, right here in the heart of South City.


6413 Hampton Ave, St Louis, MO 63109
Lucky Duck
5401 Gravois Avenue St. Louis, MO 63116
(314) 351-4711
Novella serves coffee, specialty coffee drinks and unique, European influenced desserts. Our specious coffee shop hosts special events, such as birthday parties, baby showers, book club meetings, author events, etc. Please call Dijana Groth to arrange your special event.
5510 S. Kingshighway Boulevard, Saint Louis MO 63116
(314) 353-8331
Plato Cafe
5912 Hampton Ave St Louis, MO 63109
(314) 678-5912
Vivid Cafe
Bosnian Cafe in the heart of Bevo Mill area.
5017 Gravois Rd. Saint Louis, MO 63116
(314) 835-7573
Zlatne Kapi
5415 Gravois Avenue St. Louis, MO 63116
(314) 752-7045