Monday, January 22, 2018
St. Louis Bosnians

Bosnians Drawn to International Soccer Game at Busch Stadium

Tickets go on sale Tuesday morning for an international soccer match up at Busch Stadium, and the local Bosnian community is expected to be in line.

“It’s in our blood,” said Anel Mujkanovic of the Bosnian-American newspaper Sabah,explaining the Bosnian interest in European soccer. Also of interest — one of the players on the Manchester City team is from Bosnia.

The event, pitting Manchester City against Chelsea, is scheduled for May 23 at Busch.

Tickets go on sale Tuesday morning at ten. There will be a limit of eight tickets per purchase.

There are some 65,000 Bosnians living in the St. Louis area. And Mujkanovic was asked how many of them might try to make it to the game.

“If all could, I think all would,” he said.


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The St. Louis Bosnian is an online database of Bosnian community in St. Louis. The purpose is to document and preserve existence of the Bosnian immigrant community in metropolitan St. Louis area. Through published books, articles, interviews, researches, videos, photos as well as speaker series, seminars, workshops and educational classes. We hope to leave the legacy of our community to the future generations.

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