Sunday, February 25, 2018
St. Louis Bosnians

About Us

The St. Louis Bosnian is a history/archive project of the Bosnian community in St. Louis, first developed by Patrick McCarthy of SLU, and later on re-branded from a simple history class thesis by Akif Cogo into a complete historical database of the Bosnian community. Information, gathered mainly in electronic form, includes newspapers articles, books, research completed at other institutions, private research, testimonies, photographs, videos and other resources significant to local Bosnians.

The main goal of the St. Louis Bosnian project is to gather information about the Bosnian people in St. Louis for the purpose of acquiring insight into the ideas and realities that shaped the lives of men and women of Bosnian descent who lived in Saint Louis–past, present and future.

This archive is in electronic form right now and has a tendency of constant growth. New information is added to it almost on the daily basis. In the near future, we hope to see it grow into a physical location as well.

We believe that an understanding and appreciation of our historic heritage is essential to maintaining a unique and meaningful identity as a community. Therefore we celebrate, promote and preserve the history of Bosnians in St. Louis, in order to assure that this legacy is passed on to the future generations. Toward this end we will educate and engage a diverse public through a variety of programs, maintain our web presence and historical sources, research and publish historic records, identify and encourage preservation of significant places, promote public awareness, understanding and appreciation of Bosnian community, and manage this project as a organization openly, ethically and professionally.

The St. Louis Bosnian is owned and maintained by the St. Louis Bosnians, Inc. Missouri non-for profit corporation established in the 2011.

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