Tuesday 21st October 2014,
St. Louis Bosnian
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For many, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a place far removed from life in St. Louis County, and a challenge to even find on a map, but a new class at Affton High School is trying [...]

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The Advisory Council for Bosnia and Herzegovina (ACBH) is pleased to announce that Congresswoman Ann Wagner (R-MO) has joined the Congressional Caucus on Bosnia (Bosnia Caucus). Congresswoman Wagner represents the 2nd Congressional District of Missouri, [...]

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The Webster University Men’s Soccer Team’s attacking line is a partnership 4,659 miles in the making. [...]

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2014 marks the 10th year for the Bosnia Festival in south St. Louis. Every year, the festival reminds Sadik Kukic to think how far he and his friends have come since he came here 20 [...]

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“Bosnia Born,” a multimedia art exhibit showcasing the work of artists born in Bosnia-Herzegovina, opened May 29 in the Fine Art Gallery of Fontbonne University. It will be on display in St. Louis through June [...]