Friday 11th April 2014,
St. Louis Bosnian
Affton HS
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The Affton School District is planning to apply for a federal grant that would enhance the education of Bosnian students. [...]

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On this day in 1992, the United States of America recognized the independence of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina from the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY). On March 1, 1992, following the path [...]

Ado Jahic3
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We sat down today with young St. Louis talent 16 year-old Ado Jahic to talk about his career, future, and more. He recently represented the U17 Bosnian national team in the UEFA U17 Euro 2014 [...]

St.Louis Symphony
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After the devastating war that ravaged Bosnia and Herzegovina from early 1992 through 1995, refugees began arriving in the St. Louis area. And now the Bosnian population here has grown to more than 60,000, making [...]

Powel Hall
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The Bosnia Memory Project at Fontbonne University is dedicated to recording the stories of Bosnian genocide survivors. On March 19, selections from these stories will reach a new audience in a new way: They will be heard [...]